Transgender Woman Sparks Outrage After Explaining Why She Can’t Date Men

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in January 2024.

In a candid interview with Fox News Digital, Ali C. Lopez, a transgender influencer who unexpectedly became an internet meme, is raising concerns about society’s growing sensitivity and what she perceives as a decline in masculinity.

Reflecting on her sudden fame as an internet meme, Lopez describes the experience as surreal and emotionally charged. She emphasizes the range of emotions, from excitement to nervousness, that accompanied her newfound viral status.

Photo Credit: al.weeezy/Instagram

Initially an obscure influencer, Lopez’s image became a meme after her appearance on the podcast “Whatever,” a platform that delves into debates around feminism, traditional values, and gender roles. Discussing the challenges of modern dating, Lopez expresses worries about the diminishing presence of masculinity in society.

Lopez emphasizes the difficulty of finding individuals capable of handling traditionally masculine tasks, such as fixing a flat tire, which she values in a partner. She challenges men to embrace their traditional roles, stating, “I feel like a lot of [men] need to start being [men].”

Photo Credit: al.weeezy/Instagram

The transgender influencer believes that some men expect a princess treatment in relationships, advocating for a more balanced dynamic. She encourages men to contribute equally, both emotionally and financially, in relationships.

Lopez gained widespread attention for a clip in which she confidently rates herself as a “fat f—ing ten.” This moment led to her becoming the subject of the “Gorlock the Destroyer” meme, circulating on platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

Photo Credit: New York Post

While expressing mixed feelings about the meme’s name, Lopez acknowledges the days it bothers her but admits to considering embracing it. Despite being labeled “Gorlock the Destroyer,” Lopez remains committed to respectful and open discussions, particularly regarding transgender issues.

In a departure from some of her Gen Z peers, Lopez advocates for patience and understanding in debates surrounding gender identity. She urges against immediately labeling others and encourages a more tolerant approach to differing viewpoints.

Addressing the generational gap on transgender issues, Lopez emphasizes the need for patience and understanding from both sides. She calls for respect and love, even if full understanding may not be present.

Photo Credit: New York Post

Lamenting the current sensitivity in society, Lopez encourages people to chill out unless faced with direct negativity. She specifically calls for understanding when it comes to parents, acknowledging the challenges older generations face in adapting to today’s more accepting culture.

Ali C. Lopez highlights the importance of patience, respect, and love in navigating the complexities of modern society, especially concerning transgender issues.

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