‘I will do my na.ed job as an old lady – I can make knitting and dentures se.y’

A phone sex worker says she will still be stripping off as an old age pensioner – all because she loves her racy job so much. Roxxy Clark is a former dancer and adult actress who rejoined Babestation two years ago after surviving domestic abuse.

The 38-year-old mum, who credits the industry for saving her life, believes she will be satisfying horny blokes not just for years to come – but for decades.

The glamorous mum is enjoying the most stable period of her chaotic life (Image: Instagram/roxxyclarkbabecam)

The brunette beauty, who also used to work as a carer, told Daily Star: “I have been in many jobs and places in my life where people haven’t given me opportunities but Babestation has given me so much.

“I love my job and I would never change it and I will do this job until I have to stop. I will probably still be doing it when I’m a knitting old lady. I am sure there is probably a niche out there, a fetish for an old granny. I always laugh and joke about that.

“I say to people that I am going to be doing this job regardless of me getting to an age where I have my dentures out and get my knitting needles. I am sure there is a fetish out there you know? I could work anything.”

Roxxy recently revealed how she was slated for getting naked on camera to provide for her daughter – but hit back by saying at least she wasn’t on benefits.

The saucy performer had a “horrific” upbringing and left home at 13. And despite not being able to draw on her own experiences, she said having a kind heart allowed her to be a good mum to her own child.

Roxxy left home at 13 and has no family of her own – aside from her daughter (Image: Instagram/roxxyclarkbabecam)
Roxxy believes she can make knitting sexy in years to come (Image: Getty Images)

Regardless of the criticism of her sexy job, Roxxy said she was proud that her little girl is nicely clothed, has food on the table and gets to travel the world.

As for one day telling her about what she does for a living, she said: “She doesn’t know about my job but she knows I do modelling and beauty therapy.

“I think when the time comes it is up to her to have opinions but I like to think I have brought her up and educated her not to be judgemental and to understand.

“I will always protect her and I always have. I will tell her when the time is right or when she approaches me and it will be something I will be proud of.”

Roxxy added: “I love the industry I work in. Don’t get me wrong – there are some days where I hate it and there are some days where I don’t feel like I am good enough. Because I do this job and I think whether my daughter will be proud of me because of how I earn my money.

“But then I just think that I couldn’t give her a better life than I give her now with the salary from working in a shop and I wouldn’t be happy – but I am happy.”

The adult star is proud of her job – regardless of the trolling that comes with it (Image: Instagram/roxxyclarkbabecam)

Roxxy only has one family member and that is her daughter – and she said her Babestation duties go beyond just helping lads fulfil their fantasies.

She explained how some calls were not about sex and that she uses her own traumatic past to provide some comfort to customers who are struggling.

The mum said: “I remember one year I worked Mother’s Day and a guy called and he had just lost his mum and that was sad and I spent a lot of time talking to him about family and telling him how I grew up without a parent and a mum and I was comforting him basically.

“There has been a mixture of people and I remember a guy last year rang me up and he had actually lost his partner and he was a single dad and it was really sad.

“I spoke to him about that and obviously you also get the single dads who are home on their own because their kids go to their mothers, that kind of thing.”

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