Reba McEntire, 68, Turns Heads as She Rocks Blue Fur Coat & Matching Knee-High Boots in Recent Snaps

Country music legend Reba McEntire recently set Instagram ablaze with a post showcasing her undiminished beauty and youthful vigor, sporting an all-blue ensemble for this year’s Super Bowl.

She shared a stunning photograph of herself dressed in a powder blue fur coat by Pinto Ranch, denim jeans from Dillard’s, and country-style knee-high royal blue boots by Old Gringo Boots, paying homage to both her roots in country music and her flair for contemporary fashion.

The response to McEntire’s post was overwhelmingly positive, with followers quickly expressing their admiration in the comments section.

Reba McEntire poses to show her outfit, dated February 2024 | Source: Instagram/Reba

Remarks such as, “Hello Queen! We see you and we are here for it!!” while another commenter agreed,”Looking like royalty!” A third added, “It’s giving western mob wife and I’m here for itttt!”

Even rapper T-Pain took notice, sharing the post on Twitter with the caption, “The whole club lookin at herrrrrrrrr [sic],” which McEntire acknowledged with a retweet.

Despite the widespread acclaim, not all feedback was positive. One Instagram user expressed disagreement with the star’s style, writing, “Not a good look.”

Reba McEntire had a special role in this year’s Super Bowl as she performed the National Anthem, wearing a different ensemble that garnered mixed reactions. Some critiques touched upon her alleged plastic surgery, linking it to her performance quality.

McEntire’s fashion journey, from her early days of wearing Levi’s on a ranch to her search for the style that suited her best, reflects her evolution. In a 2001 interview during a New York fashion show, a reporter asked about her favorite fashion brand. McEntire replied, “Levi’s.” “Growing up on a ranch, that was all I ever wore,” she said.

In 2018, she revealed that she mostly wore Justin Boots. However, she sometimes still has to sport high heels, especially during awards ceremonies.

After her Super Bowl performance, the range of responses on platforms like X highlighted diverse viewer tastes and expectations. Critiques of Reba McEntire’s beauty enhancements and performance quality were vocal, yet many praised her rendition of the national anthem, pointing out her professionalism and composure.

Reba McEntire performing that national anthem at the Superbowl in 2024 | Source: Getty Images

Critiques and praises were equally vocal on platforms like X, where one user did not hold back about McEntire’s possible beauty enhancements impacting her performance, stating, “She can hardly sing through that plastic surgery. Got to bring back Stapleton that was the best I ever seen.” Another shared a similar sentiment, “Sorry, I love Reba but I thought she was horrible.” Some thought her performance was incredible and said it was how the national anthem should always be sung.

Reba McEntire performing that national anthem at the Superbowl in 2024 | Source: Getty Images

Yet, amidst the critiques, many of McEntire’s fans highlighted her expertise and composure. In support of her, a tweet read, “You can just tell that Reba is enjoying this moment and not stressed about how it lives up or if she’ll make a mistake. This is a pro.” Such supportive messages underline the admiration for McEntire’s professionalism and her stature in the music industry.

The conversation around the performance also included mentions of its duration, with some noting it as one of the “shortest” anthem performances in recent Super Bowl history—a point of contention that added to the spectrum of reactions.

While McEntire’s Super Bowl LVIII anthem was a moment to remember, it is not her “first rodeo” with national anthems. McEntire’s storied journey in music began long before, with a notable performance at the National Finals Rodeo 50 years ago. Music on X called McEntire and the Super Bowl a “match made in heaven,” to which McEntire replied: “Aww thanks.”

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