Prince Harry Seen at Las Vegas Event after Visiting Ailing Father, King Charles, Sparking a Heated Stir

Prince Harry was seen at an event in Las Vegas after visiting his ailing father. His outing sparked heated reactions from social media users who saw media of him.

The Duke of Sussex made a recent surprising appearance in Sin City at an NFL Award ceremony. He took the stage to present Cameron Heyward the 2023 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.

Prince Harry, who adorned a classy suit, started his presentation off by joking around with the audience about the U.S. taking the English sport rugby and turning it into football. He then spoke about the NFL’s impact on many people worldwide and did not mention King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis during his speech.

When the public saw Prince Harry at the prestigious ceremony, many had mixed reactions. Some thought the Prince attending an event so soon after visiting his dad amid his health ailment was inappropriate.

In this regard, one person said, “Oh that’s why he left Britain so fast, he had more important things to do than to stay with his sick father. He is a disgrace to the RF and Britain!” Similarly, another commented, “So selfish.” “What an embarrassment 🤦🏽‍♀️😂,” added another social media user.

However, there were other people who complimented him. One fan wrote, “I love him […] He’s an honest man who takes up for his family. Even though they’re all having problems [it] doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them.” Another praised, “The people’s Prince!”

Someone else gushed, “This is so amazing. I’m so happy Prince Harry is so loved in the U.S. and has found a home.” Another fan swooned, “Congrats to all, and [it’s] amazing that Prince Harry, the living legend, presented this award!”

Prince Harry’s outing comes after his brother, Prince William, attended a charity gala dinner where he briefly touched on the King of England and Princess Catherine’s health situations for the first time. The Prince of Wales also thanked everyone for their heartwarming and supportive messages.

As previously reported on February 8:

When Prince Harry recently went to London to see King Charles III after his cancer diagnosis was revealed, he stayed in a lavish hotel. The King of England’s former butler, Grant Harrold, said that Prince Harry did so as a way to show his family that he could financially support himself without their help.

A media outlet revealed that Grant and King Charles III had a working relationship spanning seven years. At the time, the King of England was still the Prince of Wales.

King Charles III and Prince Harry at the Invictus Games Opening Ceremony in London, England on September 10, 2014 | Source: Getty Images

As reported by Grant, Prince Harry opted for the hotel because he wanted to prove that he was “grown up enough to fund himself.” The King’s former butler then went on to state, “It’s strange he’s not staying at any royal residences because obviously, when they were growing up, they had rooms at Clarence House and at Highgrove.”

Grant expanded on his reasoning by asserting his opinion that Prince Harry’s choice did not make sense security-wise. Since stepping down from his royal role, news sources have stipulated that the Duke of Sussex has been traveling with his own security team.

On this and the status of Prince Harry’s familial relationships, Grant explained, “Obviously, it’s not the best sign if he’s staying at a hotel, because you’d have thought he’d possibly stay with his brother [Prince William] and sister-in-law [Kate Middleton] potentially, or at one of his father’s homes.”

He went on to note, “If there is an ongoing fallout between him and his brother, it’s possible that he may not have been given the offer to stay.”

Regarding Prince Harry’s visit, a media outlet reported that King Charles III was allegedly unpleased as his travel plans were delayed in waiting for his son’s arrival. Apparently, the King had plans to travel to Norfolk for tranquility.

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