91-year-old glamor queen goes viral with chic ensembles, swift dance moves performed in stilettos

A 91-year-old grandmother became a viral sensation after flaunting her fancy footwork and awesome elderly beauty on TikTok.

The woman, a glamor queen from California, is showing the world that age doesn’t matter by strutting her stuff in sparkly mini dresses paired with stiletto heels. And fans are totally in love with the stunning nonagenarian, who in one video is seen doing the electric slide while lip syncing to Shania Twain’s ‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman!‘

Betsy Lou became an internet phenomenon after sharing clips of her sashaying along to popular songs while wearing bedazzled mini-skirts and high-heeled shoes. Her posts, shared under her handle @betsylou.piano, hit the eyes of millions of fans who have fallen in love with the sprightly “queen” who’s 91.


Flowers! #betsylou #91yearsold #piano #fyp #flowers #mileycyrus #valentinesday2020special #tiktokdance

♬ πρωτότυπος ήχος – Panik Records

In one video that earned 1.8 million likes, she’s seen wearing a short denim skirt, a western-style shirt, white cowboy boots and a matching hat. In the clip, titled “Electric Slide!” Betsy Lou shows off her incredible agility by sliding across the hardwood floors in her home, while lip synching the words to Shania Twain’s song “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!”


Electric Slide! #91yearsold #betsylou #fyp #electricslide #shaniatwain #manifeellikeawoman #linedancing

♬ Man! I Feel Like A Woman! – Shania Twain

Fans were quick to offer her praise, complimenting her smooth dance moves.

“Get it granny! My grandma line danced until her early 90’s,” writes one fan. A second shares, “She has taken care of herself throughout her life. What a beauty.”

Meanwhile a third writes, “OH!!! GRANDMA GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF.”

In another video, that she captions, “90 year old Queen Betsy Lou walk like this!,” the woman is seen wearing a silver sequin mini skirt with white lace top and a matching silver handbag swinging by her side. Before strutting down the pathway of her home that she turns into a catwalk, Betsy Lou twirls in her silvery stilettos, boasting her effortless mobility.

And then she starts dancing to the song, “Pretty Girls Walk Like This,” by Big Boss Vette.


90 Year Old Queen Betsy Lou Walk Like This! #90yearsold #betsylou #fyp #prettygirlswalklikethis

♬ Pretty Girls Walk – Big Boss Vette

“I’m 58 and could not walk in those shoes or look that great. Goals,” writes on of her followers. A second reminds her followers to “pay attention to her footwork. On point.”

A third shares, “Grandma is a queen walking in those heels! You go girl!”

The piano woman

Betsy Lou, who credits her healthy body and swift feet to ballet and tap from her younger years, is way more than a fashionista. Her TikTok is a gallery of clips showcasing her impressive piano playing, many songs are requests from her avid followers.

“Piano is my relaxation!” she says in one of her clips, that are reaching fans across the world.

“I am watching you from my compound in Calabar, Nigeria,” writes one. A second netizen wants to know her secret in staying so spry. “Amazing. Grandma what is your secret, at your age you’re still strong. I’m from Philippines.”


Replying to @cindyjamesonandpeanut Mister Sandman on piano! #betsylou #91yearsold #piano #fyp #mistersandman #request

♬ original sound – Betsy Lou

Another user, requesting the song “Blessed Assurance,” says, “[Hey] grandma, I’m Jane from Uganda… this is my story, this is my song”

You can hear Betsy Lou play a variety of genres, from classical to gospel, holiday favorites and old pop. Unapologetically unique, Betsy Lou is slaying the fashion game with her chic ensembles, perfectly paired with her high energy and radiant spirit. And fame hasn’t gotten to her head. The woman is not shy about engaging with fans, answering questions and responding to comments.

An inspiration

Betsy Lou isn’t just a fashion icon, her confidence serves as inspiration, reminding everyone that graceful aging is a magical process that people should embrace.

One fan gushes, “91 and mentally smart. I am so happy to follow you here. You inspire me so so much. God bless you gal!”

A second writes, “life goals for every woman.”

What do you think of this inspiring ageless beauty? Please share your comments below and then share this story so we can spread Betsy Lou’s inspiring messages!

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