‘I had an affair with my best friend’s husband – but I didn’t know it was him’

The trouble with the internet these days is that it’s so easy for people to be anonymous online — you could be talking to anyone and have no idea who they are.

One model learned that the hard way after finding out she’d been having a virtual affair with her best pal’s husband without even knowing it. Honey Brooks, an adult content creator on OnlyFans, woke up on January 15 to find out she’d “broken up one of [her] friend’s marriages”.

In the video, which has gained more than 200 likes since being posted on Instagram, Honey claims she found tons of messages on her phone all relating to a subscriber she had on her X-rated account ‘probably like six months ago’.

Honey Brooks took to social media after being confonted about and alleged affair with a subscriber (Image: honeyybrooksvip/Instagram)

The Aussie ‘country girl’ claims she had “absolutely no idea” who the person was when they subscribed to her. “They can sign up under a fake name, they can use whatever name they like,” she explained.

“We don’t get to see any information about them, only their display picture which a lot of subs don’t have one and their name. We don’t get to see email addresses or anything like that so it’s super private when people join the website.”

She recognised the account name as it had been a user who had bought ‘all’ her content within “the first week”, which she found “crazy” as she had so much out there. She also claims the user had been online with her “every night doing what we do at night”.


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He had asked her for a “more personalised experience”. To which, Brooks suggested her ‘girlfriend experience’, which is where they spend “a lot of intimate time” interacting with each other and speaking “every single day”.

The user allegedly bought for “three months straight” — despite other subscribers never paying for it for more than a month. However, the account suddenly “disappeared off the face of the Earth”, which Brooks found “bizarre”.

Only when she was confronted with it did she realise that the bloke had stopped messaging her because his wife ‘found out’. But in this case his wife was one of her “best friends”.

Honey claims she didn’t know the account belonged to her best friend’s husband (Image: honeyybrooksvip/Instagram)

Brooks claims she had met her friend’s husband multiple times and knows hum quite well. She added: “We literally go out on family dates on dinner dates with all our families. Honestly I love my job but sometimes s**t gets so weird.”

Now, she is questioning whether she “unknowingly had an affair with one of [her] best friend’s husbands”. She told Mail Online that her friend has now “blocked [her] on everything”.

She also doesn’t hold out much hope for their friendship to be reconciled. The bloke has allegedly told his wife that Honey “knew the whole time and wanted to be with him”.

The OnlyFans model is known for sharing snaps in country girl outfits (Image: honeyybrooksvip/Instagram)

Social media users have since been left baffled by the video as they took to the comments to give their opinion on the bloke’s behaviour. One user wrote: “Sorry, but if you have an OnlyFans and you’re married, you’re already having an affair.”

Another added: “I saw where that was going but I was still shooketh when you said it, like that’s absolute madness!” Meanwhile, a third said: “Sounds like you just saved your best friend!!!”

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