WATCH: KJP Goes Ballistic, Angrily Shouts Down Peter Doocy After Border Crisis Question

Fox News Channel’s White House Correspondent, Peter Doocy, managed to do what he does best and absolutely set off White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during the Thursday White House Press Briefing, questioning Biden’s border policy and causing her to boil over and shout him down.

Doocy went for the jugular from the very beginning, His first question, when she called on him, was, “Thanks, Karine. So, what do you call it here at the White House when 10,000 people illegally cross the border in a single day?”

Predictably, that led to a messy back-and-forth. KJP began by refusing to even pretend to answer the question, saying, “So, what do you call it, Peter, when GOP puts forth a — wait, no—” Doocy, who could tell she wasn’t going to give an answer, said, “Asking are you —” His interjection led to her popping off, snapping, “No, no, no, no, no, no, you can’t —”

That then led to more of a verbal sparring match, with Doocy trying to get KJP to answer the question and KJP shouting him down, which culminated in her refusing to answer whatsoever and moving on, snapping, “I tried to answer the question, and you stopped me.”

Doocy wasn’t done, however. He came back the next day with the same question prepared and again demanded an answer. When called on, he said, “I — same question.” KJP started laughing and Doocy insisted, “Same question as yesterday.”

Then, when KJP asked him to repeat the question that had caused the freakout the day before, Doocy again asked, “What do you call it when 10,000 people illegally cross the border in a single day?”

Giving something of an answer instead of just shouting Doocy down this time, KJP said, “So, here’s what I will say. And you’ve heard us say — you heard me say this a couple of times — and I’ll say it again because it is the facts: On day one, the first day of this President’s administration, he put forth a comprehensive immigration reform that we believe — we believe that was desperately needed for this country. Right? As we know, and you’ve heard us say this many times before, we are dealing with a broken system. And no action was taken from Congress.”

Continuing, she added, “And so, what the President was able to do: He imposed consequences for those who do not have the legal basis to remain. And he has removed more than 250,000 individuals — this administration has done so — since May 12th. And so, we’ve taken action. The President has secured — he also secured record funding. And — and let’s not forget: This record funding that the President fought for over the last year or so was — was opposed by the House Republicans. This is something that they opposed and didn’t want to see.”

She next insisted that Biden was doing far more than Trump did, shamelessly saying, “And so, what it allowed us to do is actually hire about 25,000 more — bring on CBP agents and really do something that was historic, that we hadn’t seen. And so, a broken system. It’s been broken for the past couple of decades. The last administration certainly gutted the immigration system for four years. That’s what they did. And you had Speaker McCarthy and the Republicans in Congress who continuously — continuously take step to undermine what is currently happening, trying to undermine getting border security.”

Watch the furious back and forth here:

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