The midwife’s legs got twisted when her husband came to pick up the newborn triplets.

Anyuta, what did the doctor say?” asked Christina.

• “Nothing new. I hope, don’t give up, wait… But here’s what to expect until I’m 45. Of course, as an obstetrician, I know it’s possible at that age. But let’s be honest, not just your age, but age will take its toll.”
“Well, imagine, I give birth at 45, my child goes to first grade, and I’m already 52. No, I don’t want that! Kristin, you and I are the same age, and you already have two beautiful children. But I can’t do it…” the young woman replied.
• “What does Liochka say?” continued to ask a friend.
• “Well, Lesha doesn’t see it as a problem. Although the doctor said he has issues and even suggested considering IVF. But that requires money, and where to get it for a midwife and a driver. Yes, and no one will give guarantees,” Anna replied bitterly in her voice.
• “Well, can’t we do without Leshka in this matter? I have a very important acquaintance,” Christina said.

• “Well, what nonsense are you talking about?” Anya replied, and the women laughed.
—”It sounds like a friend, my friend is an educated man, without bad habits,” Christina continued.
• “That’s it, Christina, stop. I love only Alexei, just as he loves me. And I certainly won’t betray a person just because he has health problems. Even if nothing works out, we’ll find solutions with him, maybe even think about adoption,” said the young woman.After work, Anyuta headed thoughtfully to the subway, and at that moment, she heard a voice:
• “Auntie, do you have 10 rubles?” — said the boy.
Anya looked around and asked:
• “What happened to you? I’ve been watching you here for several days.”
The boy remained silent for a minute and replied:
• “My father got sick, and there wasn’t enough money even for bread. But I don’t remember my mother; she died when I was born.”
• “Yes, of course, your fate is difficult. Here, take it,” said Anna, handing the money to the boy.
• “Thank you very much,” the boy replied and ran happily to the store.
Opening the door to her apartment, Anyuta heard the persistent trill of the phone; without taking off her shoes, she entered the room and picked up the receiver. Mom was on the other end of the line.
• “Anetchka, hello! How are you? How is Alexei? What did the doctor say? Will I have grandchildren or not?” — Svetlana Ivanovna asked.

• “Hi, Mom, everything’s the same. The doctor said to hope and believe. Again, I went through all the tests, and the doctor confirmed that the problem is not with me,” Anya sadly replied.
Svetlana Ivanovna never liked her son-in-law, so she bluntly said:
• “My daughter, leave this sick person and find a normal man. You’re already 30.”
• “Mom, we’ve already talked about this more than once. I love Alexei, and I’m not going to find anyone else for me!” the daughter replied angrily.
• “Well, I’m sorry; I’m just very worried about you, and I dream of grandchildren,” conciliated Svetlana Ivanovna.
• “Okay, let’s not argue, but we’ll have to wait for grandchildren,” Anna replied.
• “I didn’t mean to offend you. Well, goodbye,” said the woman and hung up.
Anya only fell asleep in the morning, so she came to work completely exhausted. Sitting at the daily planning meeting, the young woman learned that Professor Filatov would organize a seminar in a neighboring city for training and experience exchange. Obstetricians who go there will witness Professor Filatov delivering a woman with triplets.
After that, the boss announced:
• “I’ve decided to send Anna Aleksandrovna and Kristina Anatolyevna there. They are young specialists; let them adopt the experience of older colleagues. With the consent of the laboring woman, I ask you to shoot a video of the entire process.”

• “Alright, we’ll try to capture everything and record it,” Christina replied.
The next day, the girls arrived in a neighboring city and checked into a hotel.
• “I’ve heard so much about Professor Filatov; he was a medical authority,” Anna said.
• “But I don’t care what kind of professor he is; the main thing is that this business trip allowed me to change the situation. Can we go for a walk?” Christine asked.
• “You should just go somewhere. No, tomorrow is too important a day. I’ll go to bed, I advise you to do the same,” Anya disagreed with her friend.
In the morning, the girls came to the maternity hospital, changed into scrubs, and went to meet the patient.
• “Hello! We’ll be present during childbirth; we came here to exchange our experiences. If you don’t mind, we’ll record the whole process on video for our colleagues,” Anyuta asked.
The girl lying on the couch was very pretty, blonde with gray-blue eyes and long lashes. She looked at the girls and smiled, replying:
• “Hello, no, I don’t mind.”
Anna looked closely at the girl and thought:
• “How happy she is.”
At this point, the patient tensed up and asked:
“Everything will be alright, won’t it?”
Anna snapped out of her thoughts and replied:
• “Don’t worry, Professor Filatov is the best in his field.”

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