Poll Shows 40% of Democrats Want to ‘Cancel’ George Washington and remove his statue from New York City

A recent poll by Rasmussen Reports shows Democrats approve of a proposal that would essentially ‘cancel’ George Washington and remove his statue from New York City.

George Washington is – and this is a reminder for liberals mostly – the man who commanded the Continental Army in the American Revolution, nearly single-handedly held the rebellion together despite overwhelming odds, and then served two terms as the first president of the United States.

They want to remove a statue of that guy.

Rasmussen Reports indicates that 82% of those surveyed have a favorable impression of Washington.

And even with that support, they reveal 40% of Democrats approve of removing monuments to Washington – including 21% who Strongly Approve – while 53% disapprove.

That is a shockingly almost even split.

New York City Wants to Remove Statue of George Washington

So what prompted this reaction from Democrat voters? What could they possibly be commenting on George Washington for? Could an effort to cancel him be real?

Sadly, it is.

Rasmussen asked the polling question because the New York City Council is considering a measure to remove artwork with the likenesses of individuals such as Washington or Christopher Columbus.

Columbus was a migrant for crying out loud.

Washington’s sin? Having owned slaves, a product of his time, never mind the fact that he was one of the few planters who actually freed all of his.

This is the kind of cancel culture run amok that has been allowed under Democrat-run states and cities. And it’s embarrassing.

Pretty sure if Washington were alive today he’d gladly tell King George III to keep New York.

Trump Warned You

You can’t just chalk it up to liberals having an infantile approach to seeing the world, either. Infants would have had their little tantrum, smashed a few Confederate statues here and there, and returned to being civilized members of society eventually.

You know, let out of time out, so to speak.

This is, instead, mental illness. The drive to cancel every single human being for every single flaw they may have ever had is disturbing. It’s an effort to force purity down everybody’s throats.

Sounds like 1930s Germany if you ask me. Isn’t it the left that’s always calling people out for being fascists?

Former President Donald Trump warned the country that liberals were going to take us down this path.

When vandals were tearing down confederate statues in 2017, Trump semi-joked that monuments to Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be the next to be erased from our history.

“George Washington was a slave owner,” Trump told reporters. “Was George Washington a slave owner? So, will George Washington now lose his status? Are we going to take down statues to George Washington?”

And here we are. The ongoing cancel culture against our Founding Fathers and other historical figures has produced some gems.

The left has previously demanded George Washington’s statues be removed, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial be relegated to a museum, and parks named after Andrew Jackson to be dedicated instead to honor Michael Jackson.

These aren’t serious adults, folks.

If you think these are idle threats, however, you’d be wrong.

A statue of Thomas Jefferson, the drafter of the Declaration of Independence and America’s third president, was removed from City Hall in New York two years ago because he was a slaveholder.

By Rusty Weiss

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