Playboy model in just bra and leggings pulled over by cops and ‘frisked for weapons’

A racy Playboy model joked she was “frisked for weapons by police” after being pulled over wearing just a bra and leggings.

Francia James is known for delighting her 11.9million Instagram followers with saucy videos and snaps in her skimpy outfits, lingerie or even just body paint. But it isn’t always smooth sailing for the busty star, who has occasionally been “stopped by police officers” during particularly steamy social media stunts.

This time was no different as the 33-year-old OnlyFans model joked she had been pulled over by cops in her latest stunt, which has gained more than 61,000 likes. In the clip, the model was seen bent over behind her vehicle as one of the cops said they were going to “frisk her for weapons”.

Francia James was pulled over by cops after driving around in wet-look leggings and a bra (Image: Instagram/francety)

“Spread your legs,” ordered one of them as the other felt up and down her burgundy wet-look leggings and felt up her torso towards her black bra. Francia, who was wearing heels to complete the look, gasped in shock at the surprise, yelling out “oooh”.

She then turned to the cop and asked: “Did you find any weapons?” At which point he looked her up and down as they all burst out laughing. In the caption she wrote: “FML! I know what my New Year’s resolution is going to be how about you?”

The Playboy star was seen bending over her vehicle as “cops frisked her for weapons” (Image: Instagram/francety)

Instagram viewers went wild over the clip and took to the comments wanting to be the officer that got the chance to frisk her. One user said: “Google: “how to become a policeman instantly”.”

Another added: “Arrested for being too hot.” A third commented: “I wanna be that cop rn. He’s truly so damn lucky.” Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “Haha you’re too hot they had to search you.”

Francety boasts more than 11.9million followers on Instargam (Image:

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