Justin Timberlake Plans to Sue Britney Spears and Block Her from Writing a Book About Him: ‘He Won’t Accept This!’

For all these years, the singer was convinced that his story with the pop star had long ended and remained in the past. But Britney didn’t see it that way.

The breakup between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in 2002 was clearly difficult and painful for both of them. Each dealt with it in their own way: he wrote the song “Cry Me a River,” which later became a global hit, and she got married to childhood friend Jason Alexander, only to annul the marriage after 55 hours.

Both Britney and Justin didn’t hide the fact that coming to terms with the breakup was not easy, as these relationships were the first serious romance for each of them. However, as time passed, it became evident that leaving the past behind, along with their first love, was much harder for Spears.

The American indulged in nostalgia, mentioning her ex-boyfriend in interviews and on social media. For example, in 2020, she posted a video of herself dancing to Timberlake’s song “Filthy.” In the caption, she called their breakup one of the loudest in the world, referred to her ex-partner as a genius, and congratulated him on the release of a new song.

In response, Justin, who was already married to actress Jessica Biel and raising their son Silas, with another child on the way, only sent a few emojis. The singer had made it clear long ago that he was happy now and had no intention of dwelling on the past.

However, expecting the same from Britney was not realistic. Over time, it became apparent to fans and those close to her that she couldn’t let go of the past. In October 2023, it became clear why Timberlake’s figure occupied a special place in the blonde’s life even two decades after their breakup.

In her memoir, “The Woman in Me,” the pop star admitted that at 18, she became pregnant by Justin, but, on his strong advice as he wasn’t ready for parenthood, she had an abortion. Soon, the young star realized that she had made the biggest mistake of her life.

The reaction to Britney’s shocking confession was expected: a massive audience of her ex-lover turned against him, many colleagues distanced themselves, and some performances had to be canceled, public appearances had to be avoided.

This face-to-face collision with cancel culture jeopardized Timberlake’s career; his image as a good-natured joker and a happily married man was, if not shattered, significantly shaken. Spears, on the other hand, managed to stir the world with her revelation, finally releasing the deep-seated pain in her soul and reportedly earning a considerable sum from her deal with Simon & Schuster, around $15 million.

Britney quickly recognized the therapeutic power of memoirs: not only did they help her unload the burden of a long-held secret, but they also caused trouble for the man who caused her pain 20 years ago and, in the process, for his wife, whom he chose over Spears.

Now, insiders claim that the newly minted memoirist, now focused on writing, is planning to start working on a new book entirely dedicated to her relationship with Timberlake.

As sources close to the new author affirm, she has dozens of stories in reserve, enough for four or even five books. For Spears, this is not just a way to vent; it’s an attempt to seek revenge for her own suffering.

Naturally, Justin learned about his ex-lover’s plans. Now, his main task is to prevent the release of the new book.

“In their youth, they both made deeds they can’t be proud of. It’s not just Justin who made mistakes. He feels that Britney and her fans unfairly placed all the blame for her life’s misfortunes on him,” quotes an anonymous source from Music Times.

Justin had already asked the star not to mention his name in the early stages of writing her memoirs two years before their release. He made an unsuccessful attempt to stop Spears a couple of months before the publication of “The Woman in Me.” It was evident: the offended woman didn’t want her ex-boyfriend’s money; she wanted justice.

This time, Timberlake is not planning secret negotiations; instead, he is preparing to file a lawsuit. If initially he planned to weather the storm, now he is ready to tame it himself.

“It’s as if they are taking away his own life while making everyone close to him unhappy… He is furious and is seeking legal ways to stop Britney. He is ready to sue and make her regret it. Justin has money, brilliant lawyers, and the support of influential people. He won’t accept this!”.

Whether the singer will succeed in reaching a peaceful agreement with Britney this time is a big question. It’s clear only that the battle will be long and challenging. Neither Timberlake nor Spears is ready to back down.

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