‘I’m a 40-year-old GILF who bonks on camera – blokes love my dirty talk as a sexy Santa’

Jessika Rains, 40, from Florida, spent 20 years working as a nurse before she made the switch to making racy videos. She says her fans love it when she dresses up and talks dirty

Jessika Rains, 40, says her fans love it when she dresses up and talks dirty (Image: nursejessxx/Instagram)

A former cardiac nurse who ditched her career to make five times as much cash stripping off and having sex on camera says her fans love it when she dresses up and talks dirty.

Jessika Rains, who spent 20 years working in hospitals before making the lucrative switch to adult content creation, says she loves getting her followers’ pulses racing in costumes. The 40-year-old married mum-of-four, and grandma, spent more than two years juggling the two jobs, before taking the plunge and committing full-time to the racy career.

Jessika says the perks of her new occupation means that she has plenty of time to look after her two grandkids. But when she hasn’t got the children around, the self-dubbed GILF, from southwest Florida, is making saucy content to delight her fans.

The blonde stunner first dipped her toe in the industry in 2020, during the pandemic.

Jessika first started in the adult industry during the pandemic (Image: nursejessxx/Instagram)

Since that moment her income rose exponentially, until she was able to turn her back on the medical profession once and for all at the end of 2022.

Now boasting more than a million followers across her social media platforms, Jessika has no shortage of admirers grateful for her departure from the medical profession.

Jessika added that when it comes to satisfying her customers, it has to be content that she is happy to make.

Jessika said she ran with the bride theme throughout November (Image: nursejessxx/Instagram)

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star she said: “I’m trying to please you (the customer), but at the same time I’m trying to respect my feelings on situations and create genuine content that’s going to come off that I’m enjoying it too.”

As for her dirty talk and dressing up Jessika said: “I like to dirty talk, I’m a dirty talker.”

“When it comes to dressing up, it’s great because in October costumes were my content.”

“In November someone actually asked for bride content, and I didn’t have bride content.”

Not one to miss an opportunity, Jessika said she ran with the bride idea throughout the month.

‘I did a strip tease for my girlfriend’ (Image: nursejessxx/Instagram)

She said content included some solo stuff, but also her husband getting intimate with the ‘maid of honour’.

“I did a strip tease for my girlfriend,” she said.

She said her friend wore the veil in that instance, then things got explicit after the strip tease.

“So just cute little role-play things. It’s just a scenario really.”

She said that themes they’ve used included sleeping with her husband’s best friend.

“It’s just all that taboo stuff,” she added.

Sticking with the seasonal theme for December, Jessika has taken to dressing up as a sexy Santa and an erotic elf.

Jessika says she gets full job satisfaction from her career choice (Image: nursejessxx/Instagram)

And although she admits she gets full job satisfaction from her role, she will refuse to create some content just because she’s been paid for it.

“I need some type of self-reward,” she said.

“So if it’s something I haven’t done, and I’m curious to see if it’s going to pleasure me, then I will perform it. But if I know that it’s just not in my wheelhouse, or not something that I’m going to connect with, I just decline the requests.”

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