A huge fluffy cloud. This little dog became popular due to its resemblance to Oreo cookies.

All puppies in the world, without exception, are good. However, there are those endowed with special charm, and even through the screen, an irresistible desire arises to pet these fluffy creatures.

An example of this is Chief, a little dog who has been very popular on the internet for several years. All thanks to his appearance. Chief resembles a fluffy woolly cloud, as if colored in the hues of the famous Oreo cookies.

Sarah Hamilton is Chief’s owner, and she noticed that people react very enthusiastically to her pet’s presence. She decided to photograph him and share the picture in a Facebook group dedicated to animals.

The photo gained tremendous popularity and quickly spread across the internet, garnering a huge number of likes, comments, and shares. No one could remain indifferent at the sight of this black-and-white fluffy cloud – he charmed you too, didn’t he?

It’s worth noting that Chief’s wonderful appearance is far from his only positive quality. Sarah shares that Chief is incredibly smart and has a very high level of intelligence.

He is calm, friendly, and affectionate, so he is currently undergoing training to become a therapy dog because he meets all the criteria for such activities.

Moreover, as his owner added, they named him Chief (the British variant of “Chef”) due to his quite dignified appearance and leadership qualities. They adopted him at eight weeks old, and even then, he was marvelously intelligent and quickly trainable.

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